Custom Yamaha XJR 1200 by Jorge Rodrigues

A custom Yamaha XJR inspired by … the BMW R nineT


A half-chopped Yamaha, a head full of crazy ideas and a friendly wager: those were the ingredients for Jorge Rodrigues’ first build. And the results are pretty tasty. Jorge is a director at a software firm in Portugal—but more importantly, he’s a motorcyclist who’s always wanted to build a custom bike. So he sourced a…

A brutal Honda CBX from Herencia Custom Garage

Soothe the Savage: Herencia’s Upgraded Honda CBX

Ah, the late 70s: a time when ‘superbikes’ were naked brutes, and more cylinders were the order of the day. And the Honda CBX is the poster child for that era. Powered by a 1047cc inline six, the CBX punched out 105bhp. It was an insane figure back then, and still respectable by today’s standards.…